‘From hunter to friend of the besieged crocodile’
By Doug Anderson

Sydney Morning Herald - The Guide, Monday, April 21 1986

‘Here it is at last, another first for Australia: the do-it-yourself crocodile-catching manual for aspirants to the Return to Eden school of Vengeance.
First: Catch the croc……this is a matter-of-fact program from outback adventurer Malcolm Across the Top Douglas.
Once hunter, Douglas is now a conservationist with a respect for salt and freshwater crocodiles that verges at times on affection. This is despite the fact that reptiles, which have inhabited the planet for over 150 million years, have been slow to develop the attributes and personality traits which make some creatures endearing to man.
As an eloquent video naturalist, Douglas has all the attributes-right down to the red kelpie-that should make him a cert with car-makers anxious to flog their four-wheel-drive toys. Manhandling rotting carcasses and crawling in hands and knees through mangrove swamps.
When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Douglas is very gritty indeed-tough as teak and totally dedicated to providing sanctuary and breeding facilities for the reptiles at the reserve he has set up near Broome.
Viewers who dine early on Saturdays would do well to avoid the documentary, if it coincides with their evening meal. Scenes of putrid chunks of wallaby and heiffer disappearing into cavernous jaws are not conducive to appetite (nor good table manners).
Malcolm Douglas deserves our admiration for his efforts to save a dangerously depleted species from the dual threats of greed and ignorance. As such-and for its simple honesty-his film deserves a wide audience.