Across The Top Again with Malcolm Douglas

‘Watch the wilderness to save it shrinking, says Malcolm.’

‘When adventurer Malcolm Douglas “shoots” in the remote Australian outback he is trying to save, not kill.
Douglas has, through his documentaries, brought the beauty of the country in to living rooms of thousands of Australians, so running the risk of opening the areas to a stampede of camera-clicking tourists.
But it’s a risk he takes-all for the sake of saving our country.
“We have got to accept in Australia that to have a wilderness area for people to go to, you have to expose these areas to save them.” Douglas said.
“The Franklin River would not have been saved if it wasn’t for all the media attention. By me exploring the Kimberleys on film, people are made aware of it.”
“The world is shrinking and we have to do it-you can’t keep everything for yourself. I can go through these places-anyone can go through them as long as you respect them.”
Douglas taught himself about film-making-he doesn’t have a crew and has often been known to ask complete strangers to hold the camera while he does a stand up.’

Daily Telegraph, Monday, May 22 1989