‘Malcolm is at is yet again…..’
Pick of the Day, by Rosalind Reines

‘Malcolm Douglas is one of those rare individuals who delights in pitting his might against the elements – a true adventurer.
This time around he’s really pulled out all the stops by travelling the length of the Charnley River George in a remote part of the West Kimberleys.
He didn’t go alone – Douglas was accompanied by his mate, Sean Dixon, two Aborigines and his excitable kelpie dog.
Together they traversed the deep Charnley River Gorge which runs through a passage in sheer cliffs – terrain which not even some of the local Aborigines had crossed.
One the way, the party managed to snare a truly interesting array of bush tucker, including crocodiles, turtles, a kangaroo and a black python snake which they “couldn’t resist.”
But some of the most spectacular scenes are filmed around the ochre-coloured gorge – the Aborigines and the explorers leave their fingerprints and a message behind them on the walls as the practical guide to the expedition.